The Art of Warfare01 JSIRAKAS


Washington DC New York Florida UK France Germany

Published International professional fetish photographer

& National geographic#YourShotPhotographer Freelance

The Art of Warfare01 JSIRAKAS previously known as Cyber-fetish War since June 21 1986, is based on the in-depth overview of fetish glam photographer Joe SIRAKAS.

his early beginnings to being fetish scene to the dramatic transcendence of being a well known Awarded Published fetish photographer & national geographic #YourShot Photographer persona in the world.

A meticulously humorous view of guiding fans through his life and works that's have given the 'triumph over tragically' and to enjoy life to fullest motto.

From Fashion Shows to Worldwide Live Events and places travel around the world to Exclusive BTS Behind the Scenes that others missed or didn't get a chance in this lifetime to live.

In short, Always collaborating among the most talented performers and indeed the most beautiful models around world....that are open to unique possibilities of creativity projects in community world.

an active participation in fetish bdsm lifestyle & lgbt community support.

Warfare01 JSirakas

washington dc